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Lisa Damerel

Watershed Conservation Manager

The CCRCD has long facilitated the conservation of Contra Costa County’s watersheds. We promote creek stewardship, wildlife habitat enhancement and creation, invasive species removal, and environmental education for all. Whenever we work with people in Contra Costa, we act as a liaison for the creeks, their wildlife inhabitants, and the surrounding communities. Our creek stewardship is fueled by the needs of the people who live near the creeks and the plants and wildlife that rely on creeks for survival.

CCRCD Watershed Conservation Managers and Coordinators work with people to find the best ways to achieve conservation measures within a watershed. We let the people and waterways of Contra Costa guide our work, and their particular needs help us determine the best ways to connect people with the creeks.

While we at the CCRCD work throughout Contra Costa County, each Watershed Program staff member concentrates efforts in one or more Contra Costa watershed. Our 2021 Watershed Program staff members and their primary watersheds are:

Heidi Petty, Watershed Program Manager (Carquinez, Rodeo, Peyton Slough)

Lisa Damerel, Watershed Conservation Coordinator (Alhambra Creek, Walnut Creek)

Please reach out to us if you have questions or are interested in future volunteer opportunities or partnerships. We look forward to working with you!

Watershed Conservation Blogs