Friends of Alhambra Creek

Established in 1991, Friends of Alhambra Creek is a volunteer group that brings people and Alhambra Creek together to protect the health of the creek and its surrounding community. They have collaborated with other people and agencies to participate in, and carry out, a wide range of projects.

The group meets at 6pm on the third Tuesday of each month. These meetings are currently held on Zoom. Meeting agendas are uploaded to the Friends of Alhambra Creek Facebook Page and a Google Drive folder a few days prior to each meeting. To view the agendas, please click this Google Drive Folder Link.

If you have any questions, or would like to join a meeting, please contact the Friends of Alhambra Creek at


What Are the Friends Up To?

Your place to find the latest information about the Friends' projects and events. Photos from these projects and events have been added to the Photo Gallery at the bottom of this page.

The Alhambra Native Plant Trail

Visit the gardens created by volunteers from Friends of Alhambra Creek and the California Native Plant Society to get ideas for your very own California native garden at home!

The goal of the Alhambra Native Plant Trail is not only to educate residents about our native flora, but also to create a wildlife corridor through Martinez for birds, butterflies, bees, and other beneficial insects.
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Informational Materials:

Ongoing Project - Alhambra Way Mural

The Friends of Alhambra Creek is supporting a member's endeavor to improve the underpass along Alhambra Way, underneath Highway 4. The location of this mural can be found at the following coordinates: 37.991749, -122.126641. Proposed improvements to the underpass include commissioning a local muralist, Tim Hon of Illuminaries, to design and paint (with volunteer help) a vibrant and educational mural showcasing local, native flora and fauna. After the mural is approved by Martinez City Council, it will undergo the CalTrans Transportation Art Proposal process.

To view the concept for this mural, please view this presentation created by the artist, Tim Hon. Fundraising will commence soon to pay the artist for their time and efforts. For more information, please email

Proposed design concept, Tim Hon

Creek Cleanup Interest Form

The Friends of Alhambra Creek (FoAC) have supported and participated in many creek cleanups within and surrounding Martinez. If you are interested in completing a creek cleanup with the help of the FoAC, please fill out the form by clicking the below button.

Click here for Creek Cleanup Interest Google Form

Visit our Partner Groups

Alhambra Watershed Council

The Alhambra Watershed Council (AWC) is a stakeholder group that was established in 1997 to produce the Alhambra Creek Watershed Management Plan (2001). The group’s mission is to protect and enhance the health of the Alhambra Creek Watershed by educating the public about the watershed, providing a forum for new ideas and projects, and acting as a community resource.

By representing diverse stakeholder interests and promoting healthy natural systems, the AWC aims to support the health and vitality of the entire watershed community. Contra Costa County, Friends of Alhambra Creek, National Park Service, New Leaf Collaborative, Mt. View Sanitary District, and residents are among the active participants. Past projects include the Alhambra Creek Watershed Map and Festival and the Strentzel Lane Flood Reduction Project. The AWC receives coordinator support from the CCRCD.

Meetings are currently held on the first Tuesday of every month (excluding August) at 6:30pm, on Zoom. Interested community members are welcome to attend AWC meetings. Come and share your ideas!

AWC Meeting dates for 2023 are listed below. If you would like to join a meeting and are not yet on the AWC email list, please contact Victoria Woolfolk for the meeting access info.

2023 AWC Meeting Dates:

January3, February 7, March 7, April 4, May 2, June 6, July 4, September 5, October 3,November 7, December 5

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Mt. View Sanitary District

The Mt. View Sanitary District (MVSD) provides wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal services for the northeasterly portion of the City of Martinez and adjacent unincorporated lands to the northeast. Their wetlands and pond restoration projects are one of a kind and provide both habitat and wastewater filtration.  Tours of their beautiful site are available to the public.

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New Leaf Collaborative

The New Leaf Collaborative is a 501c3 non-profit corporation based out of Martinez, CA. They support learners in the following ways:

  • Provide and support hands-on learning and leadership opportunities to K-14 students in areas of science, nature and ecological literacy.
  • Cultivate structures for educators, students, parents and community members to work in partnership to link learning to real-life exploration, community-based projects and career focused pathways.
  • Conduct workshops for educators, students, parents and community members that promote holistic approaches to learning cultures.
  • NLC's Vision is "to connect community, resources, and expertise to students so that learning is linked to real-life exploration, community-based projects and career-focused pathways in order to cultivate healthy communities and individuals, intellectually curious learners, and responsible, ecologically literate citizens".
  • NLC's Mission is to "provide hands-on, experiential learning and leadership opportunities, in areas of science, nature and ecological literacy in order to nurture the social and emotional health of TK-14 students, educators, and community partners.
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National Park Service

Since 1916, the National Park Service has been entrusted with the care of our national parks. With the help of volunteers and partners, we safeguard these special places and share their stories with more than 275 million visitors every year. NPS is the local steward of the John Muir Historical Site and Strentzel Meadow.

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