Rodeo Creek Watershed

Rodeo Creek Watershed Vision Planning Group

In 2008, the Rodeo Creek Watershed Vision Planning Group was formed to create a working document to influence the future of Rodeo Creek and its watershed. This group, comprised of community members and local agency representatives, worked to produce the Rodeo Creek Watershed Vision Plan, a consensus-based planning effort addressing recreation, flood management, creek bank stability, fish and wildlife habitat, and other topics important to the community. With our Vision Plan as a guide, the Rodeo Creek Watershed Group works to accomplish some of the goals set by the community and its agencies. By creating Partners for the Rodeo Creek Watershed, a group of educators, local agencies, businesses and organizations, we will continue to work on the community priorities listed within the Vision Plan. As a creek “Partners” group, we plan projects, organize events, and raise public awareness of the environmental needs of the Rodeo Creek Watershed.
This collaborative watershed project is led by the Contra Costa Resource Conservation District, and is made possible by the generous funding provided by the Contra Costa County Watershed Program. Project partners include Contra Costa County Special Districts, Contra Costa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District, Contra Costa County Public Works, Carquinez Watershed Council, Carquinez Regional Environmental Education Center, Phillips 66 Refinery, Rodeo Sanitary District, Bayfront Chamber of Commerce, and the John Muir Land Trust.

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Rodeo Watershed Jurisdiction Maps

In order to sort out the many agencies involved in the Rodeo Watershed, we have provided Jurisdiction Maps to the Watershed Area itself. These maps are a start at ensuring all of the agencies involved in the Rodeo Watershed are identified and incorporated to provide the best support for the watershed. Click the images below to enlarge.

Heidi Petty

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Heidi Petty

Skills: Watershed management and coordination, grant writing, fundraising, events.

Fun Fact: Owns a marina, small urban farm, and a Scottish Highlander cattle ranch in the Delta.  Loves music and silly hats!

Heidi Petty

Heidi Petty has been with the CCRCD since 2007. Her current position is Watershed Program Manager and Fundraising Coordinator, focusing on the Contra Costa side of the Carquinez Strait shoreline. In 1999, Heidi started a small bonsai and custom saltwater reef tank business named ‘Through the Looking Glass: A Living Art Studio’ in Crockett, CA, where she got an in-depth understanding of saltwater filtration and hydrology. Heidi has held numerous community leadership positions in the Crockett, Port Costa, and Rodeo area, including President of the local Chamber of Commerce and Board Member on the Crockett Community Services District. Her entrepreneurialism and government service background makes her a valuable asset to the RCD as a special government district. 

 She now lives on the river in Oakley, CA, and owns a marina and small urban farm as well as a 28-acre Highlander Cattle Ranch in the SF Delta. She is excited to expand her work by partnering with the technology industry to create innovative ways to help the environment through long-term partnerships and connecting tech to her restoration work.