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CCRCD Career Opportunities

We would love to have you become part of our team! The CCRCD is always keeping an eye out for volunteers and interns interested in helping us fulfill our mission of protecting and maintaining our natural resources. For students, this is a great way to earn extra credit, and being an intern with the CCRCD meets the scholastic requirements of most environmental outreach programs. Being a volunteer or intern could provide you with experiences from administrative assistance and event coordination projects to social and team building programs and actual watershed and agricultural maintenance projects. ​For more information, please contact us at:  info@ccrcd.org

Title: Shoreline Festival: Event Planning and Social Media Internship (1 position)
Status: Internship
Reports to: Event Managers
Apply immediately

We are seeking the support of an intern to assist in the planning and implementation of the upcoming Shoreline Festival. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in event planning, social media, and the environmental movement. Strong communication and organization skills are required. This is a remote position with the possibility of in-person meetings. Candidates that live in or around Contra Costa County and/or are familiar with the ecological and social context of Contra Costa County are preferred. Download the full job description below.

Download the full job description here


Action Conservation Team

The Action Conservation Team is the CCRCD's internship program. Internships focus on one or more of the interest categories listed on this page. Visit our FaceBook page or email Lydia Lapporte by clicking here.

Environmental Education

• Educational Field Trips
• Creating Curriculum
• Event Coordination
• Collaboration with Schools
• Activities for Public Events

Environmental Monitoring

• Water Quality Monitoring
• Trash Assessments
• Equipment Care
• Analysis of Collected Data
• Reporting/Sharing Data

Watershed Conservation

• Native Plant Gardening
• Invasive Plant Removal
• Creek Clean-ups
• Restoration Planning and Funding
• Citizen Science

Working Lands Management

• Conservation Planning
• Conservation Site Visits
• Irrigation and Water Supply
• Weather Station Maintenance
• Illegal Dumping Prevention


Other opportunities in Contra Costa County