Coastal Cleanup Day

California Coastal Cleanup 2021 banner

The CCRCD has lots of great plans for Coastal Cleanup Month 2021:
Unfortunately, we will not be hosting our usual large cleanup events on Coastal Cleanup Day (September 18th, 2021). As an agency, we decided that we do not want to encourage large gatherings of people when the Delta variant is causing a surge in COVID cases. We are disappointed about this, but we want to make sure our events and activities are safe for as many people as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Small, Supported, Neighborhood Cleanups:
We encourage families and other pods (community groups and groups of friends who are in the same “bubble”) to do cleanups in their neighborhoods and local parks. Every piece of trash you pick up helps prevent marine debris!

Be safe during your cleanup:
Coastal Cleanup is a time for awareness, participation, and environmental solutions. But it is also a time to be careful about what you are handling, and picking up. See this short video below for some suggestions from the CCRCD Executive Director, Chris Lim, along with board president, Igor Skaredoff.

During your cleanup, please help us gather CCCD data! Use CCRCD as your GROUP!
Gather cleanup supplies from home, download the CleanSwell app (to count your trash, and to have your trash counted!), and clean on your own time throughout September. More than 14,000 Californians participated in a neighborhood cleanup during September 2020, preventing over 150,000 pounds of trash from entering our stormwater systems and potentially polluting our coast and ocean. Remember to use CCRCD as your Group in the CleanSwell app!

Small, Supported Cleanups.
We encourage families and other pods (community groups and groups of friends who are in the same “bubble”) to do cleanups in their neighborhoods and local parks. Every piece of trash you pick up and dispose of properly helps prevent marine debris. (For more information about this subject, watch our video Where Trash Travels.) See below for official California Coastal Cleanup Day Sites map.

If you and your family or pod are interested in doing a cleanup, or multiple cleanups throughout September, the CCRCD can offer you support to make your cleanup(s) safe and successful. We can provide:

+ Cleanup supplies (e.g., bags, trash pickers, etc.);
+ Suggestions for safe cleanup practices (You can get a head start by watching our video CCRCD Coastal Cleanup Month Safety Tips.); and
+ Help with trash tracking. We can show you how to use tally sheets or the free mobile app CleanSwell to count the trash you pick up. If you share your tally sheets or CleanSwell data with us, we can ensure that the data you collect is delivered to the Ocean Conservancy’s global ocean trash database. The data in this database will present a global snapshot of ocean trash, providing researchers and policy makers insight to inform solutions.

Below are cleanup sites, zoom in and find a site you would like to participate in!

CCRCD’s Coastal Cleanup Month Meme Challenge. Show us how you really feel about cleaning up our environment, and help us spread the word about Coastal Cleanup Month. Create one or more memes for chances to win a prize in our Meme Challenge raffle, then send them to use using the Meme Submission form from the tab above.

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