Fall Healthy Gardening Open House at PHIG!

When: Saturday, November 12, 2022
11:00 am -3:00 pm

Theme: Healthy Gardens, Healthy Environments, Healthy Communities

Celebrate our 15th annual education event with hands-on activities, exhibits, speakers, and talk with experts. It’s also a good time of year to plant and to think about gardening responsibly.

Plants and Environmentally Friendly Products for Sale

Garden tour to emphasize appropriate plants and sustainable practices for healthy gardens.

Pleasant Hill Instructional Garden (PHIG)
Living Landscape: A Californiia Habitats Garden – email:
Located At Pleasant Hill Education Ctr, 1 Santa Barbara Road, Pleasant Hilll

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Join us at the 10th Annual Giving Natives a Chance Planting Event!

Giving Natives a Chance is an event where we attempt to remove invasive species from certain areas in Contra Costa County while at the same time replacing them with native plant species to balance the local ecosystems. This event will occur on December 10th, 2022 from 9:00am to 12:00pm and is hosted by Contra Costa Flood Control District, Contra Costa Resource Conservation District, and The Restoration Trust.

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We had a great, and educational time at this years Oyster Hike. Thank you all who attended.

Native Oyster Hike at Point Pinole Regional Shoreline.

Did you know that the San Francisco Bay is home to the Olympia oyster? This unique species of oyster is the only oyster native to the Bay Area and the West Coast. Unfortunately, due to the Gold Rush, the population of Olympia oysters has decreased greatly. However, not all hope is lost, there are projects that aim to enhance their numbers, and protect them from disappearing. Such projects include the construction and placement of reef balls at Point Pinole Regional Shoreline in Richmond.

To highlight the importance of the Olympia oyster and conservation efforts in the Bay Area, the Contra Costa Resource Conservation District, with the support of Latino Outdoors, has created a hike that aims to educate the public on this topic and to encourage others to go outdoors. The hike will take place at Point Pinole Shoreline. Participants will meet and start the hike at the Atlas Road staging area. The hike is a 3 mile loop. Once the participants have reached the halfway point by the fishing pier, they will be treated to an informative oyster education lesson led by reef ball project manager, Chris Lim, which includes touching and inspecting a few of the reef balls on the shoreline. The hike is considered easy as the trail is flat, but there are unpaved sections. There is also a lot of shade throughout the trail.

¿Sabías que la Bahía de San Francisco es el hogar de la ostra Olympia? Esta especie única de ostra es la única ostra nativa del Área de la Bahía y la costa oeste. Lamentablemente, debido al Gold Rush, la población de ostras Olimpia ha disminuido considerablemente. Sin embargo, no toda la esperanza está perdida, hay proyectos que apuntan a aumentar su número y evitar que desaparezcan. Dichos proyectos incluyen la construcción y colocación de arrecifes en Point Pinole Regional Shoreline en Richmond.

Para resaltar la importancia de la ostra Olympia y los esfuerzos de conservación en el Área de la Bahía, el Distrito de Conservación de Recursos de Contra Costa, con el apoyo de Latino Outdoors, ha creado una caminata que tiene como objetivo educar al público sobre este tema y animar a otros a salir al aire libre. La caminata sera en Point Pinole Shoreline. Los participantes se reunirán y comenzarán la caminata en el área de preparación de Atlas Road. La caminata es de 3 millas. Una vez que los participantes hayan llegado a la mitad del camino en el muelle de pesca, recibirán una lección informativa sobre ostras dirigida por el gerente del proyecto de bolas de arrecife, Chris Lim, que incluye tocar e inspeccionar algunas de las bolas de arrecife en la costa. La caminata se considera fácil ya que el sendero es plano, pero hay secciones sin pavimentar. También hay mucha sombra en todo el camino.

Earth Day 2022

FRIDAY, APRIL 22nd at the Family Harvest Farm

The CCRCD, John Muir Land Trust, and volunteers joined forces this Earth Day at Family Harvest Farm in Pittsburg for an Earth Day Workday cleanup. See below for a quick video and beautiful (clickable) images of that day!

FRIDAY, APRIL 22nd at the Rodeo Cleanup

The Earth Day cleanup at Rodeo brought many surprises and big ticket items! We had a lot of support, and had fun working together!

SATURDAY, APRIL 23rd at Lake Del Valle

Earth Day is everyday, and everywhere. Today we visited the Del Valle Regional Park's new visitor center in Livermore, and Supervising Naturalist, Ashley Grenier, talked with us about her Earth Day at the EBRPD's new facility!

SATURDAY, APRIL 23rd at Marsh Creek Upper Watershed

SATURDAY, APRIL 23rd at the Crockett Waterfront

The Earth Day cleanup at the Crockett Waterfront was a success, with the CREEC (Carquinez Regional Environmental Education Center), the Crockett Striped Bass Club, SLC (State Lands Commission), and the CCRCD all joining in. Afterwards we enjoyed some BBQ at the Striped Bass Club!

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