Bay Point, Pittsburg, and Antioch

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Nuestro objetivo es empoderar las comunidades de Bay Point, Pittsburg, y Antioch para expresar las necesidades relacionadas con el agua, bienes y prioridades que conducen a proyectos que responden a la visión de cada comunidad para el futuro.

Ejemplos de proyectos:

Agua reciclada disponible para que los residentes puedan hacer frente a las sequías; Protección de las aguas subterráneas y del agua potable; Humedales estacionales para el hábitat y el control de inundaciones; Infraestructura verde para controlar las aguas pluviales; Nuevas oportunidades para la participación ciudadana

Lisa Anich

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Lisa Anich

Skills: Outreach, education, hydrology, monitoring, and data analysis.

Fun Fact: As the volunteer membership coordinator for Mount Diablo Interpretive Association, Lisa has sincerely thanked MDIA supporters almost 2,400 times since 2013.

Lisa Anich

Lisa moved to Contra Costa County in 1999 and has had the opportunity to work with the CCRCD-supported community groups in Marsh Creek, Kirker Creek, Mt Diablo Creek, Walnut Creek, Alhambra Creek and Pinole Creek Watersheds. She enjoys collaborations with students and interns, especially water quality monitoring projects, and has taught environmental education programs for The Lindsay Wildlife Experience and Contra Costa Water District.

Lisa also provides data analysis for Hydrocomp, Inc.’s streamflow forecasting model which helps agencies in California and the Pacific Northwest improve reservoir operations.

Lisa holds a B.S. in Geology and an M.S. in Water Resources Engineering from Stanford University.