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Introduction to the Pinole Creek Watershed

​Pinole Creek Fish Passage Project

In 2016, completion of the Pinole Creek Fish Passage Improvement Project at Highway 80 removed the only significant barrier to fish passage and hydrologically reconnected habitat in the upper watershed with the San Pablo and San Francisco Bay Estuaries. The Pinole Fish Passage Project is the capstone of a comprehensive, multi-year, habitat restoration effort. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on October 24th, 2016. It was a beautiful day to welcome the fish back to the I-80 culvert in Pinole!

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Pinole Creek Watershed Vision Plan

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Heidi Petty

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Heidi Petty

Skills: Watershed management and coordination, grant writing, fundraising, events.

Fun Fact: Owns a marina, small urban farm, and a Scottish Highlander cattle ranch in the Delta.  Loves music and silly hats!

Heidi Petty

Heidi Petty has been with the CCRCD since 2007. Her current position is Watershed Program Manager and Fundraising Coordinator, focusing on the Contra Costa side of the Carquinez Strait shoreline. In 1999, Heidi started a small bonsai and custom saltwater reef tank business named ‘Through the Looking Glass: A Living Art Studio’ in Crockett, CA, where she got an in-depth understanding of saltwater filtration and hydrology. Heidi has held numerous community leadership positions in the Crockett, Port Costa, and Rodeo area, including President of the local Chamber of Commerce and Board Member on the Crockett Community Services District. Her entrepreneurialism and government service background makes her a valuable asset to the RCD as a special government district. 

 She now lives on the river in Oakley, CA, and owns a marina and small urban farm as well as a 28-acre Highlander Cattle Ranch in the SF Delta. She is excited to expand her work by partnering with the technology industry to create innovative ways to help the environment through long-term partnerships and connecting tech to her restoration work.

Devanie White




Devanie White

Skills: Writing, Research, Education, Outreach.

Fun Fact: Devanie loves photography, travelling, movies, going on walks, being outside and learning. She wants to take on a big challenge like biking from Alaska to Argentina or going on a long back country hike for a few weeks.

Devanie White

Devanie, originally from Sacramento, California, developed a strong passion for the natural environment from a young age. She spent a significant amount of her youth engrossed in shows, movies, and even games that revolved around and emphasized the importance of nature. This passion led her to pursue a degree in Biology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, where she delved into a wide range of courses related to human health, plant physiology, and general ecology.

Upon completing her undergraduate studies, Devanie explored various professional opportunities in education and environmental administration. However, she ultimately decided to focus her efforts on the environmental sector, aiming to make a meaningful impact in any way possible. To further her goal, she pursued a master's degree in marine science and management from the University of Sydney, equipping herself with the necessary knowledge and skills to continue making a difference.

Devanie is thrilled about the prospect of working and collaborating with the CCRCD staff. She is eager to contribute to their mission of conservation and natural resource management. Additionally, she hopes to learn and grow within the organization, pushing herself to new limits and embracing new challenges along the way.