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Ridges to Reefs

November 2022

Support Your Local RCD

Giving Tuesday with Contra Costa RCD

Chris Lim, Executive Director

Each year, the Contra Costa Resource Conservation District remains a special district in need of funding to function. To continue serving the diverse community groups in Contra Costa County, we continuously must fundraise to be able to pay staff to plan, facilitate, implement, and monitor a wide variety of projects, from watershed health to supporting urban agriculture. 

We are fortunate to be an RCD that receives a portion of the local 1% parcel tax, however this baseline tax funding only accounts for about 18% of our current annual budget. This means that all CCRCD staff works to fundraise  the remaining amounts needed. 

Our fundraising allows us to partner and create projects and programs with teachers, farmers, volunteer groups, agencies, nonprofits, and more.

This work is supported by the writing and submission of numerous grant proposals each year. We work to build relationships with potential partners, a process that can’t be reimbursed by grants, to prepare for when matching grant opportunities are released. These partnerships can also result in contracts that can help agencies meet their goals. 

Another tool in our toolbox is individual giving and support of the RCD. This is why Giving Tuesday is so important to us. By growing another revenue stream, it helps us weather the natural ebb and flow of grant funding, and provides additional longevity and security to our programs

While CCRCD often relies on grants and contracts, individual giving presents a growth opportunity for us. Do you want to support positive environmental work? Or do you support more restoration projects? Do you believe that young people and future generations are the key to restoring ecosystems and building healthy communities? 

Especially with the increasing effects of climate change on the way, our home watersheds of Contra Costa County need more support to adapt and increase resiliency

Join us on November 29 and be part of the solution.

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