MCWC Logo Contest

About the MCWC Logo Contest

The MCWC held a logo contest for anyone who uses or enjoys the Marsh Creek Watershed in 2023. The group was seeking a logo that reflects their work and interest in the Marsh Creek Watershed. Once the logo contest was closed, the MCWC discussed each design submission and voted for the logo they thought best reflects the group at the November 1, 2023 meeting.

MCWC thanks each and every artist who submitted a logo to the contest. We appreciate the time, creativity, and effort you each put in to your submission(s). Below, you will find a gallery of each logo submission to the contest. When you place your curser over a design, it will show the name of the artist for that design.

MCWC Logo Contest Winning Design

The artist of the winning design is Monica Sousa, who worked with the MCWC to finalize the logo after the contest. Each artist was given the option to submit a statement with their design. Monica's statement is:

"I have lived in Oakley my entire life until I moved to Fresno to attend Fresno State back in 2017, and I have spent a lot of time out on the water enjoying the beautiful scenery of our California Delta and the surrounding waters. I included Mt Diablo in all 3 of my logos, which I would see everyday driving around Oakley. I have spent a lot of time fishing in the delta with my dad, and wanted to include that in one of my logos as well. I love the idea of negative space in logos so I wanted to use that in all 3 of my logos."

MCWC Logo Contest Submissions