California Coastal Cleanup Days

California Coastal Cleanup Wrap Up!

On and around California Coastal Cleanup Day 2022, The CCRCD led and joined many locations throughout Contra Costa County to cleanup areas including Concord Holbrook Creek, Crockett Shoreline, Martinez McNabney Marsh, Pinole Creek, Rodeo Creek, San Ramon Creek, Upper Marsh Creek, and Upper Sand Creek. Here is a video highlighting these areas and the people involved.

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Coastal Cleanup Days 2022

A Plastic-Free Watershed

Heidi Petty, Watershed Program Manager

After over a decade of working at the Contra Costa RCD, I associate the month of September with Coastal Cleanup Day (CCCD). I envision our staff’s creative campaign to engage the community in improving the health of our watersheds. I remember the faces of the children as they learn how to become good stewards of our wonderful planet. I remember the mother and daughter team discussing a bug discovered under the trash they just removed. PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR ENTIRE ARTICLE

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