Pinole Creek Watershed

Community Scientists Team Up Against Trash

Lisa Anich

June 22, 2021

The Friends of Pinole Creek Watershed’s new Thriving Earth Exchange project is underway and we’re seeking volunteers from the watershed to join our team.

Working with Earth Team interns from Pinole Valley High School and other Pinole Watershed partners, we will leverage the strength of watershed residents’ love for the creek to establish community science programs and determine the impact of trash on creek health with the targeted goal of reducing those impacts.

We’ll work towards gathering data that will help us form strategies specific to Pinole Creek Watershed. For example, we know that illegal dumping on Alhambra Valley Rd is a problem and that wind-blown trash from Highway 80 is a problem. But which problem is most urgent? Are there strategies that address both problems? How much benefit do we gain from urban trash capture devices and cleanup events?

Most volunteers will help between Summer 2021 and Spring 2022. To join our community science team please email Lisa Anich at

Thriving Earth Exchange is a program of the American Geophysical Union. Its goal is to “strengthen and enhance collaboration among communities, scientists, and partner organizations so that all communities can build healthy, resilient, thriving, just, and ecologically responsible futures.” The Friends of Pinole Creek Watershed’s Thriving Earth Exchange project description is on AGU’s  Thriving Earth website here.