Alhambra Creek Watershed Management Plan
A Users Manual

Prepared by: Alhambra Creek Watershed Planning Group
First Addition, April 2001

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Due to the large size of the document, it is divided into several PDF files.
The Plan is also available on CD ROM.

Unfortunately, the Appendices are not available in electronic form.
The Appendices can be borrowed from Contra Costa RCD.

PDF File #1 (888 KB)
Letters of Support
Executive Summary
How to use this plan
Alhambra Creek Watershed
PDF File #2 (1159 KB)
Watershed Features and Processes
PDF File #3 (1063 KB)
A Tour of the Alhambra Creek Watershed
PDF File #4 (1287 KB)
Alhambra Creek Watershed Landform Identification QuizPDF File #5 (1399 KB)
Recommendations Organized by Goals

Goal 1: Reduce Flood Damage and Conserve Stormwater.

Goal 2: Prevent Excessive Erosion and Conserve Soil Resources.

Goal 3: Protect and Improve Water Quality.

PDF File #6 (1206 KB)
Recommendations Organized by Goals (continued)

Goal 4: Reduce Wildland Fire Damage.

Goal 5: Encourage Coordination of City and County General and Specific Plans with Each Other Using the Watershed as a Planning Unit.

Goal 6: Support Economically and Environmentally Sustainable Land Uses While Protecting Private Property Rights

Goal 7: Promote a Sense of Watershed Community.

Goal 8: Maintain and Restore Fish and Wildlife Habitat and Native Plant Communities Consistent with Environmentally and Economically Sustainable Land Use.

Goal 9: Maintain and Enhance the Quality of Life by Providing Increased Opportunities to Appreciate and Enjoy Watershed Resources.

PDF File #7 (829 KB)
Recommendations Grouped by Resources
Landform Identification Quiz Key
Guide to Organizations
Watershed Planning Group Members and Support Staff
Table of Contents for Appendices


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